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Dr. Helen

“Men on Strike” Interview at Forbes, Part II

January 28th, 2014 - 11:46 am

Jerry Bowyer at Forbes: Welcome To “Girlington”: Helen Smith On How College Is Becoming A Hostile Working Environment For Men.

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I see this happening at the elementary and middle school level in the area I live in. For example, the local newspaper had a Kids section with articles written by students. Many weeks I've seen that all 6 or so of the student writers are girls, other times it's just one boy contributing a story and perhaps 5 girls. I have nothing against the individual girls, and the stories are often well written, but it concerns me that boys have very little voice in this publication. Literacy, along with numeracy, are basic building blocks for participating in adult society and something needs to be done to address this deficit in reading/writing skills for boys.
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Of course college is becoming a hotile work environment for men. But so is the entire education system, from elementary through middle to high school. It's also a hostile learning environment for men.

Years ago I was teaching a senior AP course in English literature. The curriculum guide, published by the school, had Excalibur listed as required viewing for the section on King Arthur. (Note that instead of assigning a book about Arthur, and there are several like Le Morte de Aurthur and the Once and Future King, the school instead assigned a movie, but that's another argument about the complete failure of the education system to teach essential skills.) So I went to the library, checked out the video and showed the movie to the class.

One girl ran to the principal and told him that I was showing the class pornography. Why? I don't know. There is a scene in the movie when Lancelot and Guinievere have an affair, but it's tastefully done. There is no nudity or anything even remotely explicit depicted; this movie couldn't get an R rating if it tried. But apparently this girl was horribly offended.

The principal called me into his office. "Where did you get this movie?" he demanded to know. Um, the school library. It's in the curriculum guide, and it's in my lesson plans. Did you bother to read them?

That's is the problem right there. This principal, who obviously is an obsequious slave to feminist supremacy, didn't even know the video was in the library, didn't know that it was in the curriculum guide, didn't know that it was required viewing, and didn't bother to read my lesson plans. But because some girl was offended by me doing my job, I was labeled a pornographer. Every complaint any student had about me after that was magnified beyond comprehension.

It's impossible to work in an environment like that, where the accusation, however unfounded and false, is the crime. And the accused man has no defense whatsoever, especially when his boss is a man, and I use the term lightly, who tows the feminist line.

It's even worse at the college level. I was an adjunct professor for a couple of years, freshman and sophomore level courses. Once, the class was reading an essay in the textbook that was typical feminist blather. And, during the discussion of the text, I happened to mention Dr. Schlessinger's book, Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives, because I had heard an interview with her on the radio about it a few weeks before. I mean, that's part of education, right, offering opposing viewpoints?

The chair of the department called me into his office. "Do not change the curriculum," he ordered. Um, I'm not changing the curriculum; I'm following it. We read the assigned text and discussed it. All I did was mention a book I heard about on the radio. I didn't assign it. I didn't require the students to read it. All I did was mention it as an opposing viewpoint to the assigned text, which really is supposed to be my job since the academic format requires a refutation. The students may read it or not. The students may argue in favor of the text or in favor of the book, present evidence in support of either, and come to a conclusion. I mean, that is supposed to be what I'm supposed to be teaching, analytical thinking, critical reading and cogent writing, right? No, apparently that's a crime, an obviously all a man has to do is be accused.

Interestingly, several girls in that class actually went out and bought the book, and wrote papers on it. Most of them were more supportive of the book than the text, go figure. It opened their eyes. But I was shunned by the faculty, and I mean shunned. And for what? For mentioning a source for an opposing view to my students in a discussion on an assigned text.

Education is no place for men these days. When doing your job is a crime, because you are a man and being a man is a crime, there is no point to doing that job. It will only lead to accusations, abuse and ostracization.
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Not just feminist bias on the part of your "opposition", but a HUGE lack of general humility is what I see in the people you're trying to deal with.
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Great stuff, Dr. Smith.

The best disinfectant is sunlight. I comment in the lions den over at for just that purpose. They are shot through with the feminist supremacist party line over there.
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