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Dr. Helen

“At age 50, 20% of men living in France are not fathers.”

November 14th, 2013 - 9:37 am

Reader Alpha emailed to let me know about this French article that indicates that many more men are childless in France by 50. The article is in French so he kindly translated it for me and I put it in google translator to get the headline. Here is what the reader said the article was about:

The article says that while 12,8% of men born between 1941 and 1945
had no children by 50, today, 20% of those born between 1961 and
1965 are childless. Meanwhile, the percentage of ladies without
children remained broadly the same at 13,5%, as it has been since the
1930ies. There has always been a discrepancy between genres, due to
unrecognized children. However, there is clearly a trend with males
now, and the article says that while only 5% of the seventy years old
have never lived in a couple, 10% of the fifty years old haven’t
neither, mostly by choice (and only 7% of the 50 years old women have
remained alone all their life, indicating that the choice to be alone
could be more attractive to men). Moreover, social status has an
influence : by 50, about 12% of the employees, farmers, and laborers
have never lived in a couple and 27% have had no children, while only
7,5% of the executive have never built couple and 17% remained

It would be interesting to do a Men on Strike book studying French men to see if there are differences or similarities to American men in why men no longer have children or relationships as often.

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Although I don't I've in France, I am nearly fifty and have no children of my own. So the possibility, that there are many more like me is quite high.
1 year ago
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My first thought is that gay men used to get married and father children to show they weren't gay. They no longer need to do so. This may be part of the percentage.
1 year ago
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Not. Gay men are, at most, 3% of the population. Of that 3% some are bi and others, like you suggest, marry and procreate anyway.

Note also that the article talks about relationship forming, without really discussing child creation.

Homosexuality is not an issue, statistically.
1 year ago
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I guess not. It's interesting that the motherhood percentage has remained the same. Could sperm banks play a role? Adoption?
1 year ago
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Without the details of the study, I suspect that the real change is the number of women willing to live alone, while 'fertile' couplings remain constant.

Single men imply single women. When some women remove themselves from the market, men attracted (or willing to form a 'relationship of convenience') with those women are also alone.

Bottom line, the survey is either very light or we are not seeing nearly enough data.

1 year ago
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I think the terms and conditions of the marriage contract are completely unacceptable.. I couldn't care less what women think about it, since I don't hear any of them arguing for changing the terms and conditions of the contract.

I, as a man, am held accountable under the law. She, as a woman, obviously iis not. So why should I enter into a fully binding legal contract with her?

I'd like an answer to that question. And I don't see one forthcoming from feminists or any other woman.

As it is, she has the absolute right to run around. She can abort her husband's child and get pregnant with her backdoor man, divorce her husband, take half of everything, including the house, and slap her ex with child support for a child that isn't even his.

It's all perfectly legal. No law has been broken. So, the only option for a man is to avoid marriage. Yeah, sure, take her out, buy her dinner and dirnks, take her to a hotel, and have sex with her. If a child is a result, accept your repsonbilties as a man and support and raise your child, after a paternitiy test.

This is the point. And it really is the point. You always know who the mother is. You never know who the father is. So, demand a paternity test after every birth, and agree to pay child support only for the children that are yours. But men are not allowed that option, are they?

No. If she is your wife, they are your children, you will pay child support, period. It doesn't matter who the biological father is, not in the eyes of the law. If she is your wife, then they are your children and you will pay child support. Nothing matters if she is your wife. The court does not allow evidence of any kind to question paternity in a marriage situation.

So, if you married her and she betrayed you, you're screweed.

You're out 20% of every paycheck for 18 years for a child that isn't yours, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Women want pageantry, ceremony; they want to be the center of attention, wearing a white dress. What they really want is 50% and presumptive paterinty. Any man who doesn't realize that is a fool.

All she wants is for you to give her 50% and assume responsibility for paying child support for every child she conceives, regardless of who the biological father is.

Any man who would agree to those terms and conditions is not a man. No man would ever agree to pay child support for another man's bastard child. But a pussy-whipped boy would. And therein lies the difference.
1 year ago
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Does the survey include muslim immigrants? I think not. France is surrendering. Sad, Charles Martel is rolling in his grave.

1 year ago
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I think the study included only white middle-aged men so that would change the percentages of dads if other groups were included.
1 year ago
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