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Dr. Helen

Lou Dobbs Interview on Men on Strike

June 22nd, 2013 - 7:55 am

I joined Lou Dobbs last night on Fox to discuss Men on Strike.

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I saw you on Dobbs, and I ordered you book, which I am in the midst of reading. You expressed what I have been thinking about his subject for several years. I am married to the same women for 42 years, and I have children and grandchildren. I was raised in a different universe where divorce, abortion, and illegitimacy were rare. Men went off to work, and women stayed home and raised the kids. The world has changed. I have worked with so many men that were unfairly treated by society and culture just for being a male. If I were a young man today, there would be no way that I would ever consider marriage. The odds of being divorced, paying alimony, child support, and being accused of abuse are far too great for any rational man to consider marriage. I compare it to going to Las Vegas and rolling craps. You are playing against the odds. If you play long enough, you will eventually lose.
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Saw all on Lou Dobbs. Have been watching this subject for some time. Men are not striking they are being pushed out and down.

Most work/employment environments are particularly stacked against certain categories and generally stacked against men.

Have you been in a family court as a man? Not sure how many of my rights were violated but suffice to say any pleading from my side was considered as if it had not been made. Judicial destiny had been set before i walked through the doors.

Ever spent the night in the roach infested, barf and urine laden underground prisons of Orange NJ aka "the dungeons"? I have. In fact i was arrested and incarcerated multiple times for what my X-wife and girl friend SAID i did. No investigation, no questions asked....just removed from home in hand cuffs.

I was exonerated of all via taped tel. conversations and there was no prosecution of their bold violation and miss use of the system. is ten years later and whenever i hear the door bell ring i think of being arrested.

What...a man doesn't want to get married....he doesn't want to be exposed to coming up against a "protected class"?

My sons, now in their early twenties, watched what happened to their father. They wondered, after having been taken care of, fed, dressed, cleaned, played with, taught....loved....why they could not even see their father for 18 months. Not sure, but i believe that will think long and hard about making a very big commitment that puts them in a position without rights.

I have a nine year old that came home from school with a Mother's Day card that was a little booklet. It was a week long project at school. For Father's day...nothing!

How do the bureaucrats get what they want.....power? They fracture, demonize and eliminate their competition. In this case the family.

I appreciate light being put on this but at the same time understand the reality that there is simply not enough opposition for this to become a voting issue, in fact the remedy, of "men on strike" is a vote loser.

So i have been forced to review/revise my obligations, my role and my commitments. I am an x gladiator.

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