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Obama Says It's 'Appropriate Time' for Hagel to Go; Lawmakers Say Defense Secretary Disagreed with White House

"If there's one thing I know about Chuck, he does not take this or any decision lightly," Obama says of Hagel's firing.

Iran: Obama’s Biggest Failure Fails Again

Iran: Obama’s Biggest Failure Fails Again

Obama wants the appearance that he seeks to deprive Iran of the bomb, not the actual result.

Explaining Away Obama

Explaining Away Obama

Still Bush obsessed after all these years.


More Defections of ‘Vetted Moderate’ Free Syrian Army Rebels to ISIS

More Defections of ‘Vetted Moderate’ Free Syrian Army Rebels to ISIS

The ongoing failure of engaging "moderate jihadis."

Obama Honors ‘At Times Tumultuous’ Life of Marion Barry

Obama Honors ‘At Times Tumultuous’ Life of Marion Barry

Last tweet of the "Mayor for Life" was about TV show Scandal.

The Obama Administration Capitulates to Iran

The Obama Administration Capitulates to Iran

Obama wants a nuclear deal at any cost, even if it means giving away the entire store.

CBS: The Corrupt Broadcasting System

CBS: The Corrupt Broadcasting System

There are very few things that are actually as dishonest, wicked and corrupt as conservatives think they are. But CBS News is one of them.

SNL Snubs Obama, Mocks Executive Order

"Oh, that's adorable. You still think that's how government works."

Iranian Nuclear Deal Down to the Wire Again

Failure is not only an option, but a reality.

Benghazi Annex Security Team Members Disagree Forcefully with House Intel Committee Report

Kris Paronto: I looked Mike Rogers in the eyes and said, "If we would have not been delayed we would have saved the ambassador's life and Sean Smith's life."

Obama Continues Down the Path of Despotism

What will the Republican establishment do about this upsurge of tyranny?

The 10 Most Fascinating Fantasy Worlds of All Time

You'll want to get lost in these imaginary universes forever.

Two New Black Panther Party Members Arrested in Ferguson Bomb Plot

Intimidation level rising as grand jury decision nears.

30,000 Lois Lerner Emails that Were Missing Have Been Found

Documents thought to have been lost forever have magically been found. Related: Ed Driscoll on The Ultimate Friday Afternoon Document Dump.

Louie Gohmert Blasts Obama for Cherry-Picking Bible Verses

Was the Texas congressman also cherry-picking?

Boehner Is Under Obama’s Thin Skin, Let’s Hope He Stays There

Game on, kids.

Save ‘The Duggars’ from Transsexual Bullies

TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" is the latest target of activists fighting for the right of men who think they're women to use women's bathrooms.

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President, I understand that you were once almost nearly a constitutional law professor, so I think you can help me.

Only ‘Rudimentary Monitoring’ of Many High-Threat U.S. Volcanoes

Can take “a good 20 years” under the current budget for USGS to update instruments at one volcano.

Gov. Cuomo Tells Everyone to Stay Home, Including Bills and Jets

Still another month to go before the official start of winter. Tell that to Buffalo.

Number of Texas Women Seeking Concealed Carry Licenses Doubles


When a Republican Was President, Hillary Clinton Wanted to Limit Presidential Power. Now She Doesn’t.

Holding a Clinton accountable for her own words? What a laugh!

Maybe They’ll Listen to Kissinger

Our Ukraine policy has been a disaster, the former secretary of State warns. But is anybody listening?

Tax Attorney: We Need to Make Tax Compliance Costs More Transparent

Filing taxes takes taxpayers an average of 8 hours and costs $120 for each nonbusiness return.

Liveblogging Obama’s Imperial March and Democrat Vote-Minting Machine

He knows that what he is doing is wrong.

(VIDEO) Speech: Border Crossings at Low Levels But System Is Broken

"Things are working but they're not so overreach. Drink, anyone?"

Lamar Smith: Obama ‘Declaring War on the American People’

"Has put the interests of an extreme wing of his party above the interests of American workers."

Dems Donnelly, Manchin, Heitkamp Disagree with Obama Immigration Move

"The president shouldn’t make such significant policy changes on his own.”

Irritated Pro-Amnesty Group Leaks Details of Obama’s Amnesty Hours Ahead of His Speech

Upset that it doesn't go far enough.

The 10 Most Influential Science Fiction Stories of the 1920s

The decade was a time of transition for the genre.

Pelosi: GOP Has Left Obama No Choice

Spinning like a whirling dervish.

Hagel Unchained: Departing Defense Secretary Fires Parting Shots in Interview Last Week

Hagel Unchained: Departing Defense Secretary Fires Parting Shots in Interview Last Week

Stepping out.

‘Under Pressure,’ Hagel Out as Secretary of Defense

‘Under Pressure,’ Hagel Out as Secretary of Defense

Comes after Pentagon report recommending urgent overhaul of U.S. nuclear strength.

What Do We Do with Suicidal Cultures?

What Do We Do with Suicidal Cultures?

The suicide of cultures is incomprehensible to liberalism, which places the human condition in a Petrie dish for the edification of social scientists. It is also incomprehensible to the main currents in American conservativism...

Cleveland Police Officer Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy Carrying Airsoft Gun

Cleveland Police Officer Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy Carrying Airsoft Gun

Did the "fake" gun present a threat to the public or police?

Why Is the Ferguson Grand Jury Taking So Long?

Why Is the Ferguson Grand Jury Taking So Long?

Are they being intimidated by the mob?

The Key to a Woman’s Sexual Power

The Key to a Woman’s Sexual Power

When spirituality becomes scandalous.

What the President Didn’t Tell You About His Amnesty Plan

The president's "Gruber Speech."

The South’s Church Culture and Its Dangerous Problems

Flannery O'Connor once said, “I think it is safe to say that while the South is hardly Christ-centered, it is most certainly Christ-haunted.” The same holds true for the church culture in the South, which far too often fails to look like a genuine relationship with God.

Sunni Political Islam: Engine of ‘Israeli-Palestinian’ Conflict

Ridiculous liberal observers now fear a "religious" conflict. It's never been anything but.

Former DC Mayor Marion Barry Dead at 78

Larger than life Democrat was caught on videotape smoking crack in 1990, making ethnic slurs in 2012.

10 Disney Classics Which Deserve a Live-Action Remake

Prompted by the new trailer for Disney's live-action remake of Cinderella, we rank other classics which could benefit from the same treatment.

5 Fill-in-the-Blank Forms Obama Could Use Repeatedly

A friendly favor from me to Valerie Jarrett.

Latest Obamacare ‘Tweak’ a Doozy

If you like your Obamacare policy, HHS may switch you to another one automatically.

Geeks on Strike?

Women give them more trouble than they give to typical alpha guys.

Faith in the Military: Too Much Proselytizing or Discrimination Against the Religious?

One advocate warns of "unit segregation, animosity, and fatal doubt among comrades" over religion.

The 10 Most Absurd Plots from Ancient Comedy

Nothing makes sense!

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Hopes Ferguson Grand Jury Finds Evidence of a Crime

Former judge warns there will be pushback, questions if jurors "turn their back on justice."

Obama Crosses a Rubicon

Now what? More:  Boehner Comes Out Swinging After Obama's Immigration Move

With 3 Words Obama Admits His Just-Announced Immigration Actions Are Illegal

The problem with Obama’s actions has nothing to do with the immigrants, their struggles and their aspirations, nor with America’s failure to effectively address its illegal immigration challenge.

CA Prepares for New Illegal Immigrant Driver’s Licenses Available Jan 1, 2015

“Federal Limits Apply”

Clinton: Obama on ‘Pretty Firm Legal footing’ for Immigration Action

Says Americans have come far since the era of Joe McCarthy but have “one remaining bigotry.”

It’s Long Past Time to Restore Voters’ Privacy

A person's voting habits are their business, not everyone else's.

Obama: Executive Actions ‘Not’ Amnesty; ‘Amnesty Is the Immigration System We Have Today’

GOPs say they need the fine print to have a counterattack plan, while Dems want legislative backup.

Bombshell: Email Proves that White House, DOJ Targeted Reporter Sharyl Attkisson

CBS, other media helped the administration attack critics.

A ‘Particularly Dangerous Moment’

It’s not every day that you get to have a ringside seat at the birth of tyranny. So what’s the country going to do about it?

Obama, Our Modern John C. Calhoun

He adopts the philosophy that helped cause the Civil War.

New Caption Contest: Is Our King Playing with a Full Deck?


Obama’s Revolution Day


GOP Supporter of Immigration Reform Says Obama ‘Kind of Spoiling the Party’

Kinzinger: "It's not so even so much the issue of what he's doing, although we think he's overstepping his power."