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The New York Times and Other Members of the Ferguson Hall of Shame

What happened to black America in the post-civil rights era?

Legitimate Racial Issues Drowned Out by Ferguson Violence

Legitimate Racial Issues Drowned Out by Ferguson Violence

So long as the tools of protest are looting, arson, and other forms of rights-violating violence, complaints about alleged systematic injustice won’t get the attention they may deserve.

ISIS Promises to Send Ferguson ‘Soldiers That Don’t Sleep’ If They Pledge Allegiance to Caliph

ISIS Promises to Send Ferguson ‘Soldiers That Don’t Sleep’ If They Pledge Allegiance to Caliph

Jihadists say grand jury decision makes case for Shariah in America.


Seven-Month Extension for Iran, Four Americans Who Need to Come Home

Seven-Month Extension for Iran, Four Americans Who Need to Come Home

As Washington talks sanctions relief for a cooperative Iran, Tehran has refused to release our citizens.

Student Mugged, Says He Deserved It Because of His ‘Privilege’

Student Mugged, Says He Deserved It Because of His ‘Privilege’

A leftist is someone who refuses to learn from history, and is thus doomed to get mugged by it, but refuses to press charges afterwards.

MSNBC Analyst: ‘Charging’ Is Now a ‘Racially Tinged Word’

MSNBC Analyst: ‘Charging’ Is Now a ‘Racially Tinged Word’

Just words.

Missouri Governor Summons More National Guard, Empanels Ferguson Commission

Missouri Governor Summons More National Guard, Empanels Ferguson Commission

Missouri Legislative Black Caucus has denounced Nixon's "militarization of the police."

Flames of Ferguson Illuminate Age of Obama

Obama's tenure has been characterized by racial division and discord.

Most of the Businesses Destroyed in the Ferguson Riot Were Owned By Minorities


Michael Brown Is a Victim. But Not in the Way That You May Think.

How did Brown get to that fatal moment in Ferguson?

Season’s Greetings from Ferguson

Thanksgiving comes early for the MSM, as the riots and looting they've been egging on finally come true.

Ferguson Grand Jury Declines to Indict Officer Wilson (Video Added)

Prosecutor says grand jury examined "all of the available evidence."

‘When did you first realize you were attracted to horses?’

Unrequired reading.

An Alternative View of the Issues Surrounding the Ferguson Grand Jury

Is America looking at potential black violence to the exclusion of the police brutality issue?

New Caption Contest: ‘Here’s How You Know Chuck Hagel Didn’t Really Resign, in 1 Picture’

Is anyone in the photo "up to the job"?

Explaining Away Obama

Still Bush obsessed after all these years.

‘New Car Smell’? MSNBC Pundit Says Hillary Clinton Is the Democrats’ ‘Only Hope’


Obama Says It’s ‘Appropriate Time’ for Hagel to Go; Lawmakers Say Defense Secretary Disagreed with White House

"If there's one thing I know about Chuck, he does not take this or any decision lightly," Obama says of Hagel's firing.

More Defections of ‘Vetted Moderate’ Free Syrian Army Rebels to ISIS

The ongoing failure of engaging "moderate jihadis."

Obama Honors ‘At Times Tumultuous’ Life of Marion Barry

Last tweet of the "Mayor for Life" was about TV show Scandal.

The Obama Administration Capitulates to Iran

Obama wants a nuclear deal at any cost, even if it means giving away the entire store.

CBS: The Corrupt Broadcasting System

There are very few things that are actually as dishonest, wicked and corrupt as conservatives think they are. But CBS News is one of them.

SNL Snubs Obama, Mocks Executive Order

"Oh, that's adorable. You still think that's how government works."

Iranian Nuclear Deal Down to the Wire Again

Failure is not only an option, but a reality.

Benghazi Annex Security Team Members Disagree Forcefully with House Intel Committee Report

Kris Paronto: I looked Mike Rogers in the eyes and said, "If we would have not been delayed we would have saved the ambassador's life and Sean Smith's life."

Obama Continues Down the Path of Despotism

What will the Republican establishment do about this upsurge of tyranny?

The 10 Most Fascinating Fantasy Worlds of All Time

You'll want to get lost in these imaginary universes forever.

Two New Black Panther Party Members Arrested in Ferguson Bomb Plot

Intimidation level rising as grand jury decision nears.

30,000 Lois Lerner Emails that Were Missing Have Been Found

Documents thought to have been lost forever have magically been found. Related: Ed Driscoll on The Ultimate Friday Afternoon Document Dump.

Louie Gohmert Blasts Obama for Cherry-Picking Bible Verses

Was the Texas congressman also cherry-picking?

Boehner Is Under Obama’s Thin Skin, Let’s Hope He Stays There

Game on, kids.

Latin American Leaders Laud Obama’s ‘Act of Justice’ on Immigration

Latin American Leaders Laud Obama’s ‘Act of Justice’ on Immigration

Mexican president calls actions “the most important measures taken in several decades.”

Conservative Values and Orthodox Judaism

Conservative Values and Orthodox Judaism

The growing community leans ever more towards political conservatism.

New York Times Publishes Darren Wilson’s Address

<i>New York Times</i> Publishes Darren Wilson’s Address

...And Slate ran a photo of his house. All the doxing that's fit to print.

7 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Will Be My Last Day on Facebook

7 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Will Be My Last Day on Facebook

I encourage all writers and creatives to switch to Twitter and Instagram while constantly looking for better options to express themselves online. Stop making your life and time Mark Zuckerberg's product to sell.

Video: When Michael Brown’s Stepdad Screamed ‘Burn This B**** Down!’

Video: When Michael Brown’s Stepdad Screamed ‘Burn This B**** Down!’


The Potty-Mouth Princesses Are Back

The Potty-Mouth Princesses Are Back

This time with domestic violence cuts and bruises.

To Al Sharpton, the Real Problem Is that Officer Wilson Was ‘Like a Child Against Hulk Hogan’

Democrat kingmaker weighs in as only he can.

Pentagon: It’s Not That Hagel Didn’t Want to Stay, Just a ‘Mutual Decision’ That He Go

Spokesman denies speculation that Susan Rice is micromanaging the Defense Department.

Taliban Spokesman Sounds Off About Ferguson with Racist Slur

Conveniently calling for revolution.

A Guide to Black Friday & Holiday Shopping for Conservatives

What should you buy for your right-leaning friends and family this year?

Ted Cruz Says He’s Not ‘All That Conservative’ and He Has a Point

That lower taxes/less government pitch is so EXTREME...

Understanding the Nihilist in the White House

Obama is bent on destruction rather than creation, because destruction for its own sake is also part of the arsenal of nihilism.

The Infinite Maze of the Iran Nuclear Talks

The more we hear about the complexity of the Iran talks, the worse the debacle ahead.

Grace: Owner of Looted Pastry Shop Vows to Carry On

A small business owner, embodying the spirit of American exceptionalism. Send her some business here.

Congressional Black Caucus Chair: ‘Unwritten Rule That Black Lives Hold No Value’

Rep. Marcia Fudge: "You may kill Black men in this country without consequences or repercussions."

Brown Family Statement Vows Campaign for Police Body Cameras

"We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions."

Scott: Allow ‘Thorough Search for Justice and Truth for the Brown Family’

Senator says looters "divert attention away from important questions that remain to be answered."

Obama on Ferguson: ‘Communities of Color Aren’t Just Making These Problems Up’

Calls for protesters to respect "rule of law," focus on dialogue that "won't be done by smashing car windows."

‘We Want to Terminate the Sanctions’: Kerry Says Iran Playing Fair, Critics Disagree

Menendez-Kirk say it's time for the resurrection of their sanctions bill.

Chairman: On Fourth Defense Secretary, Obama Needs to Ask, ‘Is It Me?’

McCain, meanwhile, urges Obama to find another Panetta.

Is Odell Beckham’s One-Handed Grab the Best Ever?

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

Hagel Unchained: Departing Defense Secretary Fires Parting Shots in Interview Last Week

Stepping out.

Iran: Obama’s Biggest Failure Fails Again

Obama wants the appearance that he seeks to deprive Iran of the bomb, not the actual result. More: While We Were Distracted by the Hagel Press Conference, Iran Nuke Talks Were Punted to Next Summer

‘Under Pressure,’ Hagel Out as Secretary of Defense

Comes after Pentagon report recommending urgent overhaul of U.S. nuclear strength.

What Do We Do with Suicidal Cultures?

The suicide of cultures is incomprehensible to liberalism, which places the human condition in a Petrie dish for the edification of social scientists. It is also incomprehensible to the main currents in American conservativism...

Cleveland Police Officer Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy Carrying Airsoft Gun

Did the "fake" gun present a threat to the public or police?

Why Is the Ferguson Grand Jury Taking So Long?

Are they being intimidated by the mob?

The Key to a Woman’s Sexual Power

When spirituality becomes scandalous.

What the President Didn’t Tell You About His Amnesty Plan

The president's "Gruber Speech."

The South’s Church Culture and Its Dangerous Problems

Flannery O'Connor once said, “I think it is safe to say that while the South is hardly Christ-centered, it is most certainly Christ-haunted.” The same holds true for the church culture in the South, which far too often fails to look like a genuine relationship with God.