Begun, the Drone War Has

(Photo courtesy Blighter Surveillance Systems)

(Photo courtesy Blighter Surveillance Systems)

Hot gear out of Britain:

The Anti-UAV Defense System (Auds) works by covertly jamming a drone’s signal, making it unresponsive.

After this disruption, the operator is likely to retrieve the drone believing that it has malfunctioned.

The system joins a host of recently announced technologies which can blast larger drones out of the sky.

A drone flying in sensitive airspace can be detected by the Auds radar and then sighted via a camera equipped with thermal imaging capabilities so that it can be targeted visually.

Then, a high-powered radio signal can be focused on the drone – essentially overriding the connection to whoever is operating it.

There’s a major arms race going on, right out in the open and remarkably unremarked upon. And given how ubiquitous drones are becoming and how relatively cheap the technology is becoming, this arms race is moving fast — and will accelerate.