Worse Than Munich

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

Mark Steyn explains the real meaning behind the Iran deal:

I think the nuclear issue was a mere pretext, a Hitchcockian McGuffin. Iran will be a nuclear state, and very soon. The joke inspections regime – under which Teheran can block any inspections for the best part of a month – will facilitate the nuclearization of Iran and prevent anyone who objects to it – such as Israel – from doing anything about it. That’s a given.

But that’s not what the talks were about. Obama’s vision of the post-American Middle East sees Iran as the dominant power, and that’s what the negotiations were there to finesse. As I said to Sean, Obama’s belief that American power and influence has been bad for the world extends beyond America itself to America’s allies. So on missile defense he takes the side of Russia over US allies like Poland and the Czech Republic; in the Falklands he takes the side of Argentina over the United Kingdom; and now in the Middle East he takes the side of Iran over the Sunni Arab monarchies and Israel.

This agreement will have bloody and brutal consequences.


I’d add two things.

First, of course this is worse than Munich — Hitler never had any realistic chance of developing nuclear weapons, and Chamberlain never would have signed a deal blessing a Nazi nuclear program.

For the second item I’ll post the transcript of the end of my Trifecta segment (the video is here):

“Rogue” Iran may be a thing of the past.

By negotiating in good faith with Tehran, by ignoring decades of terrorism, murder, war, and religious dictatorship, President Obama has graced the Islamic Republic with something that country could never earn on its own: Legitimacy. Getting our hostages released, ending Iran’s state-sponsored terrorism, getting Assad to step down, restoring Iraq’s independence — Obama just made these goals that much harder to achieve. Maybe impossible.

And for the second time Obama has turned his back on the decent people of Iran, who want nothing more than a decent government to represent them.

Four years ago, on the assassination of Osama bin Laden and his burial at sea by the US Navy, my friend and colleague Scott Ott here said, “Mr President, by ordering US military personnel to administer Islamic burial rites… you have baptized this heinous heathen into the religion with which you claim we are not at war.”

So you see, lending legitimacy to those who chant Death to America is something of a habit for this American President. From that, you may draw whatever conclusion you will.


He’s on the other side.



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