New Depths of Ineptitude


What’s there to say? The President of the United States desperately needs a foreign policy turnaround — not just because his foreign policy is in tatters, but because that’s all a poll-dropping lame duck has left to do.


So what is there to say when his big attempt to turn things around is yet another incoherent speech, artfully (I suppose) delivered, in which his big initiative is a promise to do something to aid the Syrian rebels after years of civil war, and a year after accidentally making the Syrian government a virtual Russian protectorate?

I’m flabbergasted. I thought five-plus years of watching the Permanent Amateur Traveling Suckshow had inured me against further shock at the ineptitude of this administration — but no.

And pity those poor cadets, now US Army officers, who must serve under this Commander-in-Chief.


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