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This Is Not the OS You're Looking For

Vulnerabilities happen, especially in Windows XP which was always hole-ier than a church picnic attended personally by Moses and Jesus. So when the story came out the other day that a new Internet Explorer vulnerability was found and that it was a bad one, I wasn't very surprised that Microsoft decided to patch the XP version, even though official support for XP ended recently. But this did shock me:

The decision is a notable reversal for Microsoft, which had ended support only weeks ago for Windows XP and the versions of Internet Explorer that run on it. According to research firm NetApplications, Windows XP still accounts for more than 26 percent of the desktops in use.

More than a quarter of Windows users are still using XP? Imagine, Mac owners, if you were still stuck on late 2001 vintage OS X 10.1 "Puma." I came into the Mac community in early 2006 with the release of the first Intel-powered iMac -- over eight years ago -- with 10.4 "Tiger." And even that looks and feels ancient now.

C'mon, XP users -- get with the second decade of the 21st Century before it's more than half over.