Meanwhile, the New York Times is — surprise! — throwing ObamaCare lifelines like this headline. But the devil is in the details:

Millions of people could qualify for federal subsidies that will pay the entire monthly cost of some health care plans being offered in the online marketplaces set up under President Obama’s health care law, a surprising figure that has not garnered much attention, in part because the zero-premium plans come with serious trade-offs.

Three independent estimates by Wall Street analysts and a consulting firm say up to seven million people could qualify for the plans, but federal officials and insurers are reluctant to push them too hard because they are concerned about encouraging people to sign up for something that might ultimately not fit their needs.

The bulk of these plans are so-called bronze policies, the least expensive available. They require people to pay the most in out-of-pocket costs, for doctor visits and other benefits like hospital stays.


Plus, there are doctors and entire hospital systems which will simply refuse to see these people. It’s the difference, once again, between coverage and treatment. It’s as if I gave you a certificate, signed by yours truly, for a free makeout session with the movie actor or actress of your choice. Good luck cashing that in, even if it does carry the VodkaPundit Seal of Total Awesomeness™.


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