Love Missile SA-7


Flying around the Middle East might be about to get more interesting:

On September 15th, Hamas held a parade in Gaza where some of their members were seen carrying SAM-7 shoulder fired missiles, also known as MANPADS (MAN-Portable Air-Defense Systems). This was the first time MANPADS had actually been seen in Gaza. In the past there had been indications such weapons were present.

In 2011, Russia supplied Libyan missile serial numbers, which were distributed to counter-terrorism officials worldwide with the admonition to be vigilant. Apparently the SA-24 thieves sold many of the SA-24s to Iran, which in turn gave some to Hamas and Hezbollah (another Iran backed Islamic terror group in Lebanon). Older SA-7 MANPADS were also believed to be part of the deal. This was verified when Egyptian police found some when they intercepted some smugglers and seized a number of stolen Libyan weapons headed for Gaza.

These Libyan missiles apparently went to other terrorist groups as well. In early 2013, at an al Qaeda training center in Mali, printed training manuals for using this missile were found. The 24 page Arabic language manual was based on known al Qaeda “how to” material that has been online for years. French troops also found components of Russian SA-7 MANPADs, including empty shipping containers in several locations in Mali.


With the Benghazi coverup rumors of a US-Libya-Syrian rebels weapons connection, you have to wonder if al Qaeda elements in Syria might also have a stash of Grail missiles.


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