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You Keep Using That Word

David Freddoso:

Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., one of the most liberal members of Congress, told C-Span’s Washington Journal this morning that the ongoing computer failures in Obamacare’s exchange health insurance markets are actually signs of a huge success.

The various websites’ failures, he said, were the result of enormous demand. In fact, he added, if this had been a company on Wall Street, the high demand crashing its website would have sent its stock to “700 dollars a share.”

$700 a share for a "company" which can't service its customers, can't tell you how many customers it has, relies on a captive market of mandated buyers, depends on hundreds of billions in government subsidies, and is generally hated by the nation at large?

Oh, yes do please put men like Miller in charge of even wider swathes of the once-private sector. Because we might as well crash it sooner rather than later.

Let it burn.