Low-Information Voters at Large

NBC News put together a man-on-the-street collection of quotes from Americans both for and against ObamaCare, and this one stood out:

“Because health care is a right. That is it. It is a social necessity and it will be healthy for businesses. I just think it is one of the human rights, like education. It will level the playing field in some ways, everyone will be covered and that is it. And it makes economic sense for all employees to have health care. I would like to see a single payer healthcare system. That is it mostly. Nothing.” – New Jersey female (strong Democrat)


She sounds like an Ayn Rand villain, only stoned.

Another thing I noticed reading these, is the people against the law spoke of the ills it actually causes, and the shabby manner in which it was passed. The people who are for it list the things they think it ought to do.

Man, are they ever in for a shock.


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