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Open is Better

Android is now the mobile-platform target for malware. I mean, there really isn't a second place. Here's the chart via Apple Insider based on data from F-Secure Labs.

Open is Better

I'm not even sure Nokia even produces Symbian phones for the first world anymore, so that small spike might just represent Nigerians scamming one another. Stranger things have happened, especially in tech.

The situation is worse than even the raw numbers suggest:

While researchers say the number of malware types is rising significantly, of greater concern is the rise of "highly specialized suppliers" who "provide commoditized malware services" that specifically target weaknesses in the Android platform, resulting in a situation where the "Android malware ecosystem is beginning to resemble to that which surrounds Windows."

Scammers single out Android users with cons that prompt them to update components like Adobe Flash, or direct them to services or job offers that request installation permissions from the user. Once granted, the malware installs code to either make a series of paid calls when the user is sleeping, or install SMS spyware designed to intercept the user's banking details over what appears to be a secure connection.

I'd love for you to tell me how awesome your Android anti-virus and anti-phishing apps are -- you are using them, yes? -- but I can't hear you over the sound of my unmolested iPhone.