We’ve seen multiple crises with North Korea since they really starte going wacko over there about 20 years ago. But I don’t recall this ever happening before:

All government embassies have been instructed to evacuate staff from Pyongyang after dictator Kim Jong-un warned he could not ‘guarantee the safety of foreigners.’

The rogue communist state issued a deadline of April 10 to every government that is represented in North Korea in a dramatic new escalation of the nuclear crisis.

Kim III and his clique must have some serious stability issues to take things this far. Essentially, he’s closing off personal back channels even to Beijing, which will make it more difficult to defuse this escalating crisis. That tells me he’s in serious Back Against the Wall Mode.

Or, he’s faking it bigtime to wrench more food aid out of the West and/or China.

But closing the embassies seems like overkill, even for the Norks.