Fill it to the RIM -- With Fail

In an article about piracy on the Android platform, Randall C. Kennedy makes a startling confession:

As my regular readers will attest, I’m a huge BlackBerry Playbook fan. I think it’s the best tablet platform out there for serious professionals who value portability and connectivity over entertainment or gaming. However, the limited selection available in Research in Motion’s AppWorld means I’m often forced to look for Android alternatives that will run within the Playbook’s integrated Android 2.3.3 runtime environment. And since said environment does not support Google Play, I’m forced to venture into the seedy underworld of ripped Android package files (.apk’s), which I then convert (using RIM’s Android app porting tools) and “sideload” onto my Playbook.


Few quality apps, runtimes, seedy .apk’s, conversions, sideloading…

This is how a fan is forced to use his PlayBook.*

Is it any wonder RIM is going quickly down the tubes?

*I pick up my iPad and instantly use it for whatever.

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