Pay Up and Shut Up

Copyright troll Righthaven is in trouble:

Yesterday, a federal judge in Nevada ordered Righthaven to pay $3,815 in legal fees after botching one of its case. Righthaven had sued one Michael Leon back in September 2010, but it didn’t even serve the right paperwork in the case. When multiple defendants started responding to the court, the judge notes that she “became suspicious that there may have been a problem” and set a hearing to talk about it.

The April 20, 2011 hearing concluded with a decision that the case would be dismissed because the defendants had never been properly served with the Amended Complaint—and the window for doing so had expired. In addition, Righthaven would be on the hook for the legal fees in the case.

Those fees were approved yesterday, and Righthaven owes $3,815 in fees and costs to the Randazza Legal Group—which has fought similar cases across the country but also handles some mass P2P lawsuits of its own. Righthaven complained that most of the attorney time being billed for was actually spent negotiating these fees, but the judge approved them anyway.[Emphasis added]


Sounds to me like the judge is fed up with Righthaven.



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