The Gang That Couldn't Talk Straight

Harry Reid, on shoving the health care bill through on reconciliation:

“We’ll do a relatively small bill to take care of what we’ve already done,” Reid said, affirming that Democrats would use the reconciliation process. “We’re going to have that done in the next 60 days.”


And over on the House side, here’s Nancy Pelosi:

“We’ll look and see respectfully … what the president, having listened to all sides on this, puts on the internet, we’ll see it together probably on Monday. And we will take it up with our caucus and I cannot ever say until I hear from our members how we will deal with it, until I hear from my members as to their comfort level,” Pelosi told several reporters following a roundtable with military veterans.

OK, so Reid is “trying to move forward on this.” Pelosi, not so much. You’d think they could at least coordinate their public messages.


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