A New Mile High Tea Partyer?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Colorado is weird. We like our Democrats to be mavericks and our Republicans conservative. Oh, we we really dug Ross Perot back in ’92. Go figure. So it’s easy to make a mistake if you think something that happens here has any national ramifications. But then there is this little item from Denver:


State Rep. Kathleen Curry has changed her voter registration from Democrat to unaffiliated, a move that will require the Gunnison lawmaker to relinquish her positions as speaker pro tem and chairwoman of the House Agriculture Committee.

Curry said she made the change Monday after talking to House Speaker Terrance Carroll, who had appointed Curry to the plum pro tem position.

Curry, a rancher and water expert, said her decision was not based on any single bill, action or person.

“It’s just a matter of where I fit,” she said Tuesday. “But I’m not changing my personality overnight just because I filled out a form. I’m still going to vote my conscience, which the majority of time is with the Democrats.”

Curry said her biggest disagreement with her party came during budget discussions this year. She also voted against a Democratic measure to lift spending limits.

“The Democrats do have a big tent and have always been respectful, but I do feel in leadership you should march in line more than I have,” she said.

I, for one, question the timing.


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