Useless Prediction Time

I could be wrong — it’s happened once or twice before, you know — but it’s looking more and more like a total Health Care Overhaul is dead in the water. Which is fine by me, because I was never one who thought that making things worse, faster, was somehow an improvement over making things worse at the present speed.

That said, the Democrats can’t afford not to give their handsome, stupid young President something to hang his hat on. So, before the end of the year, we’ll get a bill. And the bill will become law. And the law’s only virtue, most likely, is that it will suck quite a bit less than the bill out handsome, stupid young President was hoping to get until just a week or two ago.

But here’s the funny bit.

(And when I say “funny,” I mean, “funny like when both those kids died at the end of ‘Romeo and Juliet.'”)

When our Not As Stupid As It Could Have Been Health Care Reform Act of 2009 fails to prevent cavities, cancer, and carbuncles, NASAICHBHCRA (pronounced “nas-eye-ch-buh-kra”) won’t take the blame. Instead, blame will be laid on whatever functioning part of our health care system wasn’t destroyed by NASAICHBHCRA, thus requiring a giant NASAICHBHCRA Schedule B.

My only hope at this point is, you’re not laughing.