Seven Score and Ten Years Ago...

One hundred and fifty years ago today, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace put science in the driver’s seat of the story of the origin of species.

1858: The Linnaean Society of London listens to the reading of a composite paper on how natural selection accounts for the evolution and variety of species. The authors are Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. Modern biology is born.

Alas, one hundred and fifty years later, superstition is still hanging around yelling “shotgun! shotgun!” like the annoying little brother you hope your friends don’t see you with.

So, you pat him on the head to humor him, hoping he’ll go away or at least keep to himself, but he just keeps yelling and yelling and yelling and finally he brings Ben Stein in to make a really lame, almost universally-panned, documentary about how you’re nothing but a Nazi.

But that’s ok, because you’re still the smart one and you get all the girls (mostly the ones with glasses, but there’s a naughty minx hiding in each one).

That out of the way…

Hi, you probably don’t know me, but I used to run a lil’ blog called The World Wide Rant, until I decided not to run it anymore.

In general, I would sum myself up as a “small-L” libertarian, although I’m a little more to the left than Steve these days (the doc says it could be because I sleep on my belly with the left knee raised). I’m also an atheist, which means – statistically – chances are you and I are going to disagree on at least one topic. It’s a real tragedy that you’re so mistaken about it too. But, hey, variety is the spice of life, and if everyone agreed with me, who would I poke fun at?

So, anyway, just thought I’d say hello and how do you do. As the mood strikes, I might drop a post here and there, generally ones that I anticipate will cause discord, strife, and human suffering, because that’s what we atheists do, you know, given our lack of morals.

Have a fabulous day!