Mail Bag

Generally, email press releases annoy me. Not only am I eager to hit the Junk button, but I even script email-handling rules that send multiple-offenders straight into the trash bin. (Are you listening, Family Security Matters? You don’t even make it as far as my Spam folder. And who the hell is Richard Viguerie and why should I care?)


But here’s one release I’ll share with you:

In the most unpredictable, vibrant election season in memory, SVEDKA® Vodka is entering the fray, inviting America to join Svedka_grl and put the “party” back in party politics. On February 5th, better known as “Super Tuesday,” SVEDKA® will launch a campaign to put a “Fembot in the White House.” Her “Join the Party” platform calls for all Republicans, Democrats and Independents to work—and play—together in order to make the future a better place to party.

“‘Join The Party’ is the first true bi-partisan effort,” said Svedka_grl. “I have chosen Super Tuesday to remind the country to vote first and then raise a glass and celebrate diversity, celebrate freedom of expression and most importantly, to celebrate the right of all Americans over the age of 21 to party!”

There’s also a graphic of a hot fembot, but I won’t post that without some bribes. Preferably, a case of 750ml bribes.


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