The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name

It’s become a popular, if easy, sport in the ol’ blogosphere to say, “This time, Sully has really finally lost it.” I think maybe though we have a can’t-top-that-ever winner. Read from Andrew Sullivan’s latest:

The conservative Washington Establishment is swooning for Hillary for a reason. The reason is an accommodation with what they see as the next source of power (surprise!); and the desire to see George W. Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq legitimated and extended by a Democratic president (genuine surprise). Hillary is Bush’s ticket to posterity. On Iraq, she will be his legacy. They are not that dissimilar after all: both come from royal families, who have divvied up the White House for the past couple of decades. They may oppose one another; but they respect each other as equals in the neo-monarchy that is the current presidency. And so elite conservatives are falling over themselves to embrace a new Queen Hillary, with an empire reaching across Mesopotamia, a recently deposed court just waiting to return to the salons of DC, a consort happy to be co-president for another four years, and a back-channel to the other royal family. She’ll even have more powers than Clinton I, because Cheney has given her back various royal prerogatives: arrests without charges, torture, wire-tapping, and spy-ware on your Expedia account. Only the coronation awaits.

Leave aside the absurd notion that anybody in Washington is eager to make Bush look good to history — especially the conservative establishment. Because A) there barely is one in Washington, and B) Bush has betrayed them more often than Andy skips his anti-screed meds. Now read the rest of Sullivan’s paragraph.

Soak in the words, let the tone rush over you. Then ask yourself: How long before Sullivan has himself so twisted up in knots that he’s forced to endorse Dennis Kucinich while still calling himself a “true conservative?”