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Can't Stop the Signal

Went to the blogger screening of Serenity, and enjoyed it competely.

Does it help if you were a fan of the series? Probably. But don't let that stop you. In an engaging and clever first ten minutes, writer/director Joss Whedon introduces you to all the major characters, plus the spaceship Serenity.

I haven't seen a character-driven action picture this much fun since the last Indiana Jones movie, or maybe since the first Die Hard. Only instead of one or two heroes to cheer for, you get nine. And Chiwetel Ejiofor's "Operative" character is the best bad guy since Darth Vader. And I don't mean the whiny, petulent Vader from "Revenge of the Sith." I'm talking about "Empire Strikes Back" full bad-ass mode. And with just a touch of "Jedi" for good measure.

The rest of the cast from the series is back for the movie - although not all of them will be returning for the sequel.

And right now, I'm hoping dearly there will be one.