Price Gouging - Their Own Eyes Out

Is the recording industry still run by shortsighted, self-defeating and stupid executives? You make the call:

“Greedy” record companies are pushing for an increase in the price of music downloads, Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs has said.

Mr Jobs vowed to resist such pressure, after revealing that music firms were pushing for higher prices on Apple’s iTunes internet music store.

He said companies already made a bigger profit through iTunes than in CD sales.

I got myself an iPod earlier this year, and I love the thing. A 30gig model, mine is a little more than half-full, with about 3,000 songs. Not my entire playlist, but enough variety to suit me, my bride, and any party in need of appropriate music. I’m not much for wearing headphones, but I have iPod hookups everywhere. There’s one in each of our cars, one on each stereo, and Bose’s sweet little iPod speaker system in the master bathroom. And for the road, battery-powered speakers perfect for camping trips or hotel rooms. Where I go, the iPod goes.

Two months ago, I finally set up an account at the Apple’s iTunes store. I was leery of joining, mostly because Apple’s copy protection keeps you from burning any purchased song onto more than seven CDs. But with my iPod being so portable, and with the ability to plug it in anywhere