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Mike M files his final Election Night report.

– – –

Here are our results for the day:

Westerville, OH Precinct 4-B

Registered Voters: 818

Election Day Voters: 478
Absentee Voters: 72
Precinct total: 550


Turnout: 67.2%

Provisional ballots: 9

Presidential Results (election day voters only):
Bush: 294 (61.5%)
Kerry: 181 (37.9%)
Other/None: 3 (0.1%)
(percentages are rounded)

Lots of people are still in line at the polls in Ohio, and actual voting will still be going on for a while. Don’t look for Ohio to be called anytime soon. Lots more to follow tomorrow, so come on back!

– – –

Hoo-boy. I didn’t want to hear that.


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