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I'll try to get in a little blogging before the Halloween Hostilities - er, Festitivities - get going here after lunchtime.

Meantime, cats are not for sissies. At least mine isn't. He can probably kick your dog's ass. I know he can do it to my dog. Mostly because he thinks he's a dog. The name Dingo probably doesn't help.

He's big. He drools. He fetches. I raised him like a dog, because that's all I knew how to do.

I got him during my bachelor days, because I just didn't know how to have a house without a pet. And a dog you can't just leave at home while you go chasing tail in Denver all weekend. Then I got married, and we got a puppy. If I didn't know how to have a house without a cat, I didn't even want to try having a home without a dog.

Maybe that's the difference. It's not that cats are for sissies - they're for people who haven't put down roots yet. But a dog is a family pet.