Master Of Disaster

Ex-Clinton, ex-Gore, ex-Kerry, and current Michael Moore spin creep Chris Lehane was just on John Gibson’s Fox News show, trying desperately to distract attention away from TrouserGate. Gibson and guest Victoria Toensing tore him to shreds; Lehane didn’t answer a single question, he just rattled off a set of rather nasty talking points with a Joker-worthy fixed grin.

And he looked absolutely terrified.

UPDATE: Gibson nearly silenced Lehane with the exclaimation, “Socks?!?” Lehane eventually claimed that the bit about Berger stuffing documents in his socks was bogus, and “only being reported by Fox.”

Guess he didn’t look around all that hard. Or he was just lying. Take your pick…

BAD JOKE UPDATE: Just heard on a Fox teaser: “Tonight at nine: the FBI grills Berger!”