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Where's the Outrage, Thursday Edition II

The editors of the Washington Post do no more service than the NYT:

Today's Post Editorials

Idle on Darfur

Un Big Mac, Por Favor

Tools the FEC Already Has

But at least they published the following letter. . .

The treatment of the captives at the Abu Ghraib prison pales in comparison to the public execution of Nick Berg [front page, May 12]. Being humiliated without being identified, as in the case of the hooded prisoner, does not compare with being publicly beheaded so your family and the world can see. It's outrageous that the president apologized to the families of the captive Iraqis for their treatment.

If the prisoners' treatment resulted in, or could result in, intelligence that could lead to saving American lives, then it is justified in my opinion. We as Americans may play at a higher level of morality, but nevertheless, let's not sacrifice our men and women just because we don't want to humiliate a few prisoners. After all, it could be worse for them.


Fairfax Station

You'll find more of the same, including one written by an Arab-American, by clicking on the link above.