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Remember those hopeful protests against terrorism yesterday in Iraq? If you do, it’s not because the New York Times wants you to.

A glance at their web edition front page yields no links to the story. So I went to the International section. Again, nada.


So I scrolled down to the Middle East sub-section, which has the following banners:

In Speech, Nobel Winner Rebukes the U.S.

Attacks in Iraq Kill 2 G.I.’s, and a Bank Is Robbed of $800,000

Man With Explosives Arrested Outside U.S. Embassy in Beirut

Well, OK. . . maybe if you click on the entire Middle East page:

Bush Seeks Help of Allies Barred From Iraq Deals
President Bush asked France, Germany and Russia to forgive Iraq’s debts, after they were excluded from reconstruction projects.

Arafat Seeks to Restore His Mideast Status
Yasir Arafat released a statement saying he respects “the Jewish religion and the Jewish historical attachment to Palestine.”

In Speech, Nobel Winner Rebukes the U.S.
Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian lawyer, said the U.S. carried out human rights abuses in the name of fighting terrorism.

Attacks in Iraq Kill 2 G.I.’s, and a Bank Is Robbed of $800,000
Two U.S. soldiers were killed and four wounded in Mosul in two attacks and armed men robbed a government bank in Baghdad.

Man With Explosives Arrested Outside U.S. Embassy in Beirut

Annan Rules Out the Quick Return of a U.N. Presence in Iraq

Reconstruction: Allies Angered at Exclusion From Bidding

Back Channels: U.S. Opens Firearms Charge Against Iraq-U.S. Contact

Terrorism: U.S. Officers Predict Rise in Assassinations

Pentagon Bars Three Nations From Iraq Bids

High Payments to Halliburton for Fuel in Iraq

Violence: Suicide Bombers Strike at 2 U.S. Bases, Wounding Dozens of G.I.’s

Iraqi Governing Council Sets Up Its Own Court for War Crimes

Allies: Japan Commits Itself to Sending Up to 600 Ground Troops to Iraq

World Briefing: Middle East

Commerce: With More Money to Spend, Middle-Class Iraqis Go Shopping

U.N. Sending Israel Issue to World Court

Palestinian Leaders Try Again to Coax Militants Into Cease-Fire

Casualties: G.I. on Guard at Gas Station Is Shot to Death


Nothing there either. So I tried clicking on “MORE Middle East News,” which contains the following story about the protests:

Kidding. There was no story there, either.

Apparently, the fact that thousands of Iraqis in the very heart of Saddam’s former capital, chose to express their frustration with terrorism and sabotage, isn’t news that’s fit to print.

UPDATE: Tim Blair (also known as “Timmy Baby” to a select few), found a mention buried so deep you have to read way down — and squint, too.


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