Tie Breaker

It’s never too early to start predicting election winners. And of the nine Democratic candidates for President next year, Howard Fineman has the list of possible winners narrowed down to. . . six?



Here we are, 100 days or so from the start of voting in what will be a rapid-fire and rapidly decisive series of caucuses and primaries, and no one has one achieved true, slam-dunkable frontrunner status. Just the opposite: There are no fewer than six contenders with scenarios for victory realistic enough that they still must be taken seriously, try as some might to dismiss them.

As in the horserace, so on the issues. Hanging out together in interminable non-debate debates, the nine Democratic contenders seem at times to have congealed into a glutinous, undifferentiated mass, each sounding more and more like the other as the days pass. Now they


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