The Day After

Alex Knapp rounds up blogosphere opinion on the Arnold win.

Clicking will lead you to this post from Kos:

In the end, it doesn’t look like it was close. Arnold is the new governor of California.

For six months.


OK, I can understand some sour grapes from Democrats, but this post is just silly.

Will there be a recall petition against Arnold? You bet there will be, just as there has been against every California governor since, approximately, the Mesozoic Era.

Will the recall petition garner enough signatures to force a recall election? No, if for no reason other than voter exhaustion.

If a recall were held, would it result in expelling Arnold after only six months? Not a chance. Voters have had since 1998 to get well and truly sick of Gray Davis, and sick as they were of him last year, they re-elected him, anyway. And that was against a Republican candidate almost completely out of sync with West Coast mores and attitudes.

I’m not exactly savoring an Arnold win, for reasons gone into here. But if the California Democrats want to fix what’s wrong their party (and I hope they do), they’re going to have to come up with something better than Kos’s “analysis.”


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