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A reader calling themselves Anonymous Coward doesn’t like the blogosphere’s reaction to terrorism.

You all seem to have a uniquely American Jewish view of the situation in Israel. I encourage some of you to actually spend some time learning about the situation and the history of the situation from ISRAELI news sources and historical texts. More than that, I encourage you to think about the situation critically. Why are the Jews in Israel in the first place? Why are the Arabs attacking them? Why is the bend towards religious fanaticism and geographical self-determination by one people worth so much more than that of another people?

Moreover, if you’re going to be dishonest about Arab-Jewish relations, at least have the decency to include some recognition of the Ashkenazi/Sepharadic dichotomy and the context of European colonialism that brought things to this point.


My reply:

Coward, you’ve chosen a most appropriate name.

With a little reading and/or honesty, you’d know the issues you raise are discuessed in the blogosphere. Often.

By your logic, black South Africans should be slaughtering Afrikaners, because they’re just Dutch colonialists. Apaches should be suicide bombing children in Oklahoma. Malaysians should be slaughtering ethnic Chinese. The people I’ve listed have, by and large, realized that history is messy, and that it’s time to act like civilized grown-ups.

The Arabs must learn: No, no, a thousand times no. There is no excuse for terror. There is no justification for cultural suicide (with homicidal tendencies).

We do not blow up little girls because it suits our notions of who can live where, when.

Coward, the Arabs have been offered peace, money, and land — all in exchange for the oppotunity not to be killed.

Their response has been war, invasion, terror, barbarism, and slaughter.

But it takes a real coward to avoid those unpleasant truths.


NOTE: Sometimes, I feel like I’m running a kindergarten for the morally retarded.


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