Keep Trying

Link via Drudge — who today uses the same bad photo of Ted Turner that I picked out yesterday. Not that it means anything.

And, in case you hadn’t seen it elsewhere, Turner receives oral sex, says he’s “never had sexual relations with that country.”


Read his apology for yesterday’s thoughts on Israeli “terrorism”:

“I believe the Israeli government has used excessive force to defend itself, but that is not the same as intentionally targeting and killing civilians with suicide bombers,” Turner said in a statement issued by CNN. He serves as vice chairman of CNN’s parent company, AOL Time Warner.

If Israel’s measured responses to Palestinian terror has been excessive, then I guess Ted thinks a proper defense is to just use some really good lube before taking it the hard way.

The man is so nuts that even his apologies require apologies.

UPDATE: Eric Olsen was kind enough to collect all the best professional anti-Ted screeds and bundle them up into one happy post of joy.


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