You Ask, N.Z. Bear Delivers.

Ealier today, the Truthful Bear Blogger posted two maps of the Colorado wildfires, one of which has caused a nasty haze to obscure my view of Pike’s Peak. Back in the real world, real people’s real homes are threatened, especially by the Hayman blaze.


Well, Bear’s maps were great — IF you were familiar with Colorado’s state roads and highways. But a bit difficult for flatlanders to put into perspective of cities and towns they know. So I asked N.Z. if he’d mind making another map or two, this time wider in scope but just as detailed.

A lot to ask a man who isn’t getting paid. So of course he did it.

Check out the maps here. For a little perspective, VP is housed in Colorado Springs, Protein Wisdom‘s Jeff Golstein is in Denver, and Diana Hsieh is near Hayman.

FURTHER UPDATE: I’d posted a couple links to good info sources, but let’s let them save their bandwidth for the folks who really need it. Sorry about that.


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