Insider View of Saudi Melissa's

Insider View of Saudi
Melissa’s maid of honor was in town this weekend — along with her husband, who flies F-16s for the Air Force. We’ll call him M.


M just got back from four months at Prince Sultan air base in Saudi Arabia, and says that things aren’t like they used to be there.

Even officers saw few, if any, real live Saudis. M said if you went up to the control tower you could talk to one. But otherwise, segregation was complete, without even many Pakistani guest workers in view.

The tension, he said, was palpable. They knew they weren’t wanted there — and asked among themselves what they were still doing protecting this “shitty little country.” US Air Force frustration seems to be high with the Kingdom, and while they must know this, they aren’t doing anything to relieve the tension.

And keep in mind, these are Air Force fighter jocks — some of the most respected, and feared, military officers in the world. If there’s a small group of elite people you might want to make happy, these are the guys. Instead, they are ignored, shunned, and made to feel unwelcome.

The End Days of Saudi, kids. This is what they look like.


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