An Armed Society is a

An Armed Society is a Polite Society — Eventually
Anthony Swenson asks — and answers — the question, “when are you legally entitled in shooting someone?” Having read too much Heinlein myself, I probably have a, uh, more lenient definition than most DA’s.


So here is VodkaPundit’s partial list of shooting offenses:

Bringing infants to the movies (they’d be better off as orphans with parents that stupid)
Failure to merge
Failure to yield
Failure to say “Bless you” (Dogma fans only)
White wine with red meat
Openly admiring River Phoenix
Wanting to outlaw cigarettes and legalize pot
Being a major-league blogger who never links me no matter how much good material I send over
Thinking in platitudes

As you can see, this list is far from complete. Use the little comments (“drinks”) thing to add your own. This could be fun.


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