The Latest Oil Rig Doesn't

The Latest Oil Rig Doesn’t Make You Modern
Wise words of advice to the Arab League from “George W. Bush,” via Thomas Friedman. Best line: “There is one thing I can guarantee, though. If you don’t make this offer, nothing will change, the Israeli silent majority will continue following Sharon into a dead end, and the Arab League will fall further and further behind the rest of the world. ”


And so true. Only two things of importance come out of the Arab world in the 21st Century, and those are oil and terrorist violence. If they want to join the real world, they have to stop exporting the second and stop relying entirely on exports of the first. To do so, they must make peace first (as I argued two days ago) with the Palestinians, then with the Israelis.

Why is it Moslems can accomplish anything in any country — except where Arabs rule? It is time for Arab governments to abandon their self-imposed exile from modernity.


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