As Accurate as His Superbowl

As Accurate as His Superbowl Prediction?
What is it about the chattering class that they think they can get Bush to back down from the Axis of Evil? In his NYT op-ed piece, Michael O’Hanlon is the latest to take a try at it.


First, O’Hanlon tries to give Bush an honorable way to back out of his commitment to fight the evildoers. He writes, “He implied that the United States might take strong action against all parts of this global collection of unpalatable actors.” Implied? Implied? Bush said everything but the old kick ass/chew bubblegum line. But in the non-absolute world of leftwing punditry, I suppose even the strongest statements are just mere implications.

Then this gem: “This is particularly true of North Korea and its tyrannical ruler, Kim Jong Il. North Korea remains heavily armed and threatening, and largely as a result of its excessive military spending, its citizens are extremely poor.” Take away North Korea’s defense budget and add it to, oh, building decent farms and food distribution system, and guess what you have? You still have a desperately poor and hungry country. Military spending didn’t bankrupt North Korea, communist “economics” did that.

The next bit is truly priceless. “We can work with Kim Jong Il


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