Truth: Democrats Feed Racism to Control Our Black Community

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For the past few months, we have witnessed the raw and unmasked Democrat Party, live and in living color. Their constituents are rioting, looting, and murdering because they have finally realized that there are only three areas where the government is supremely prolific and highly efficient: theft, incarceration, and killing.


Outside this “Iron Triangle” government fails horribly at education, protection, health care, economic development, border security, drug enforcement and infrastructure. Yet after months of economic collapse, pandemic hysteria and racial anarchy, where 60 years of Democrat Party abuse of Black America was revealed, black leadership still chooses the government as its vehicle to solve these indignities. Why? Because this is what the Democrats desire.

Except for a brief time during Reconstruction, there has never been a time since its inception in 1800 that the Democrats have not had absolute control over most of the black population in America. They have used race in one way or another to maintain power ever since.

The fact that one-hundred fifty years since the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were ratified and fifty-six years since the 1964 Civil Rights Act, blacks are still rioting over racism and still begging government to eradicate it, should tell us something: The Democrat Party uses racism to subdue and control black Americans, not eradicate racism to institute justice. Ending racism would end the Democrats’ stranglehold on Black America.

The proof of this charge is evidenced in a June 4, 2020, Washington Post story, in which a devastating critique highlights the Democrat Party’s dismal failure, in its fake effort, to narrow the wealth gap between black and white Americans. Heather Long and Andrew Van Dam write, “In many ways, the gap between the finances of black and whites is still as wide as it was in 1968.” The story illustrates the fact that in 1968 the average black household had $6,674 in wealth compared to $70,786 for a white household. In 2016 the typical black household had $13,024 in wealth vs $149,703 for a white household.


According to economist Moritz Kuhn, “No progress has been made in reducing inequalities between black and white households over the past 70 years.” But all black Democrats are running for reelection and Joe Biden is “proud of his record in the black community.” I submit to you, that this is not a mistake. It’s the Democrats’ plan.

To keep black Americans on the Democrat plantation and cement their victimization, the study quoted the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity, saying, “There are no actions that Black Americans can take unilaterally that will have much of an effect on reducing the racial wealth gap.”

But that’s not true. According to the Brookings Institution if people do these three things, they have a 98 percent chance to stay out of poverty: Get a high school diploma, work full time, and wait until age 21 and get married before having a baby. The Democrats know this. So they have intentionally destroyed the educational system in the inner cities, introduced sex to our children at an early age, and set up and maintained a welfare state that continues to destroy the traditional family.

Democrats have forbidden the black community even the foundational elements of survival by violating their inalienable right to self-defense and religious expression. They have told them they are victims, oppressed and discriminated against. Every black man murdered by a white man and highlighted by the press had one thing in common: They were all unarmed.


Considering the extraordinary amount of crime in the inner-city communities along with the constant complaints of police brutality, this is an interesting phenomenon. Nevertheless, Democrat politicians continually vote to disarm the “hunted” citizens and the black Democrats vote to be disarmed.

In his book The Prince, political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli stated, “For among other ills which ensue from being disarmed is ‘contempt,’ a disgrace a Prince must guard against…There can be no proper relation between one who is armed and one who is not.” The evidence supports the fact that Democrats hold black people down and in utter contempt. For free people to voluntarily disarm themselves is the height of insanity.

To secure 90% of the black vote for the Democrat Party, the black community is not being served, it is being occupied. This occupation is necessary for the cultural genocide that is taking place there. And like a patient, after spending all of their money and discovering that their physician is a quack and a con-man, blacks are asking hard questions. And some are rioting. 

The Democrats said, “If you give us your children we will educate them”; they lied. 

They said, “If you get rid of your men, we will provide for you”; they lied. 

They said, “If you give us your guns we will protect you”; they lied.

Instead, the schools are terrible. Poverty is endemic and crime is rampant. Like all con-men, instead of taking responsibility for their actions once discovered, they deflect and with the help of their “Iron Triangle” cohorts, blame Republican boogie men who have no control or presence in the black community. Democrats then continue their assault undeterred.


Peripeteia is defined as the moment in Greek tragedy when the hero learns everything he believed is wrong. I reached my peripeteia moment about black leadership when I walked into a maximum-security prison as a young officer and witnessed thousands of young black men, my age, caged like animals. I reached my peripeteia moment with the Democrat Party when I learned that they supported the federally-funded unlimited murder of black babies on an industrial scale.

Regarding the Democrat Party’s true intentions, I hope the killing of George Floyd will provide a peripeteia moment not just for Black America but all of America. This party has reserved for itself and its constituents have erroneously granted it, powers reserved only for God. The condition of Black America provides irrefutable evidence that the Democrat Party cannot provide freedom, dignity, provision or protection for its constituents. It chooses not to. Our Declaration of Independence and philosopher John Locke correctly say these will either come from God, yourself, or not at all. 

Racism in America is no longer a government problem. There is no governmental statute in America that condones racism. Today, there are thousands of laws against racism, yet it still exists. Government cannot stop racism. It can only punish racist actions after they have been committed. Therefore, exposed individuals will always be subjected to racist acts, unless they inoculate themselves against the disease. 


How does one inoculate oneself against racism? Simple: Whatever your faith, practice it. Become so prolific at your profession that you are desired for your skill alone. And be able to defend yourself against anyone who attempts to violate or infringe upon your inalienable rights as a free person.

The Democrat Party’s push for more laws is a fool’s errand. It is a ploy to convince the uninitiated to give them more God-like power, not to eradicate racism but to control the black community with it. I wish racism could be eradicated from the hearts of everyone. But if it went away, Democrats will reinvent it. Democrats need racism or the illusion of racism to keep blacks afraid and under control. We must come to understand, racism is a spiritual problem and must not be fought in the halls of government but in our places of worship, homes, communities, and hearts. Government will then have no choice but to follow.

But until it is eradicated, treat racism like you would treat the weather or disease. We do not depend on them to provide forbearance or respite. We build houses, wear clothes, take medicines, and provide inoculations. Therefore, build this structure against racism: Exercise your freedoms unapologetically. Defend yourself! Look to God, not man, for your assurance and affirmation. Be prolific in your vocation. And choose to be happy.

Vince Everett Ellison is author of the new book, The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democrat Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America in their Quest for Power and How We Can Defeat Them.

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