Russia Collusion Hoaxer Wants Us to Trust the FBI on Trump Raid. Um, That's a Hard Pass, Peter Strzok.

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The man who was one half of “The Lovers,” as President Trump called them, disgraced FBI investigator Peter Strzok, Mr. Russia Collusion hoax extraordinaire himself, has implored America to trust the FBI on the Mar-a-Lago raid.


Please clap.

Strzok appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program to argue in support of the integrity of the FBI because they really mean it this time.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe brings on @PeterStrzok to argue on behalf of the FBI’s integrity: “It’s not that the FBI is targeting any one side or the other. What you see is the FBI going out on a day-in and day-out basis objectively investigating allegations of law.

That’s right: There’s no tomfoolery at the FBI. No politicking. No political vendettas being carried out. No making stuff up — like Peter Strzok’s Alfa-Bank fraud.

Host Joe Scarborough caused a spit-take when he said in passing that “we never believed” the Steele Dossier “from the start.” But the dossier turd was polished by Scarborough’s own guest and Strzok’s on-the-side honey, FBI Attorney Lisa Page. Joe’s bloviation continued and he eventually got to a question, sort of, with the pronouncement, “the FBI makes mistakes, the church makes mistakes, people make mistakes. Should this be any reason for Americans not trust what the FBI and DOJ are doing now in pursuit of protecting classified documents? [sic]”


Sit down, because you’re not going to believe what Strzok said. “Well, yes, Joe, absolutely the American public should trust what the FBI’s doing.” He continued, conflating the “Midyear Exam” — Hillary Clinton’s email scandal — with “Crossfire Hurricane” — the fake Russia Collusion scam — and the raid on President Donald Trump’s home. “You know, I think back on the year and a half I spent with the team looking at Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. There was no concern, there was no outrage on behalf of any Republican.” Which brings to mind a question: Why would any Republican be upset about the investigation into the chardonnay-swilling Secretary of State keeping a non-government server on which she did sensitive government business at home? For all the world’s sophisticated spy agencies to read secret State Department files — and, of course, Hillary’s Yoga poses and Chelsea’s wedding plans? In that case, Republicans asked for an investigation, not an invasion.

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“We used search warrants and conducted a very invasive investigation…It’s not that the FBI is targeting any one side or the other.” Scarborough sat stone-faced as Strzok went on, “What you see is the FBI going out on a day-in and day-out basis, objectively investigating allegations of law.” Joe never followed up with a query about the FBI raiding Hillary’s Chappaqua manse, which didn’t happen.


Strzok and Page, among others at the DOJ and FBI, relied on the Steele Dossier, one of whose collaborators is soon to be tried for lying to the FBI about the infamous “dossier,” among other things. Hillary’s “dossier” source was also once investigated for being a Russian spy.

Anyway, the “dossier” included a discussion of the “pee tape,” as it’s become known, to get FISA warrants. FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith literally changed a government document to lie that low-level Trump advisor Carter Page not working as an asset of the CIA in order to accuse him of spying for the Russians, in order to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. They destroyed Carter Page’s life, but whatevs. Clinesmith did no time and is back to practicing again.

Of course, we know that Strzok is entitled to his own political beliefs, but, as with those smelly Trump supporters at Walmart, we’ve sniffed out that the former G-man is still not a Trump guy.

Strzok mused about Trump’s passports being used in his job as a Russian spy:

Please oh please keep asking how you can turn down the temperature in the country. And why does he have two passports? The Russian passport, of course, is kept in a vault at Yasenevo and only swapped out at third country meets, so it can’t be that one.


Gee, why would we ever question the veracity and integrity of Peter Strzok’s FBI?


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