The FBI Was Also on Trial in Sussmann Russia Collusion Case

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The jury in the Michael Sussmann case held its first full day of deliberations on Tuesday to determine if the Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee (DNC) attorney is guilty of lying to the FBI in a private meeting. They were charged with the case on Friday.


UPDATE: Sussmann Acquitted of Lying to FBI in Trump Russia Hoax, Delivering Big Loss to Special Counsel Durham

Sussmann says he was doing his civic duty instead of doing Hillary Clinton’s dirty work when he brought faked “research” to the FBI that he and his Democrat cronies claimed tied Donald Trump to the Kremlin-connected Alfa-Bank via a super-secret server. None of it was true. The fallout from that meeting and all other Russia collusion claptrap changed the course of American history and left people disillusioned about their country’s institutions—especially the FBI.

Indeed, the FBI was as much on trial over the last two weeks as Sussmann, the former DOJ attorney-turned white-shoe lawyer with DNC-connected Perkins Coie.

Hillary’s team, including Sussmann, faked intelligence and then seeded the information in the FBI, CIA, and the media. It was like placing timed charges to implode Trump’s candidacy and presidency over time. We don’t know what would have happened in 2020 if Trump had been able to conduct his hard-earned presidency without this election interference from the Obama White House, Hillary Clinton, the lies of Congressman Adam Schiff and his ilk, and the Rachel Maddow conspiracy-media coven.

But it’s worse than mere lies. Politicians do that all day long. It’s their sine qua non. What made this sickening, slow-motion wrecking ball worse was the divisive toll it took on the country.

In testimony during the Sussmann trial, we learned from political operatives, such as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, that Democrats didn’t trust the FBI after what the Alexander Haig of FBI Directors, Jim Comey, did to Hillary’s campaign. Comey listed Hillary’s bill of particulars on national TV and then didn’t indict her. Later, he announced he’d resumed the investigation. Of course, Hillary’s wounds were self-inflicted—destroying emails, trading in State Department secrets, and using her real secret server. You know the rest.


Conservatives didn’t trust the FBI either. They should move that 7th-floor executive suite to the D.C. prison where they’ve got Trump supporters in solitary confinement for “parading” around and inside the Capitol Building after being let in by the cops. By the time the actual violent January 6 protesters get a trial, if they aren’t exonerated, they should be freed for time served.

And then sue their asses for civil rights violations.

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Both sides in the trial have taken aim at the FBI.  John Durham’s special counsel prosecutors have argued that the same FBI that took Hillary’s so-called oppo research and used it to frame Trump were somehow duped into believing this tripe. Testimony showed that the line agents were forced to investigate when they knew the information was partial garbage but were ordered to keep going by the 7th-floor executive suite.

At the same time, Sussmann’s attorney argued that those FBI executives weren’t duped at all! He dismissed the FBI investigation into his client as “shoddy” and “an embarrassment.” They knew for whom Sussmann worked—Hillary, the DNC, and his tech executive who helped make up the lies. Notwithstanding Durham’s evidence against Sussmann to the contrary, he argued that nobody at the FBI was duped because they knew he worked for Hillary’s campaign, he argued. Indeed, “Mr. Sussmann had DNC and HFA [Hillary for America] tattooed on his forehead, they (FBI) assumed that’s where the information came from,” he told jurors.  And that means, he reasoned, Sussmann may have lied and said he didn’t come on behalf of any client, but it wasn’t a big, material lie because they should have known he was lying.


This Alfa-Bank case triggers PTSD in so many right-thinking Americans who believed—past tense—in that quaint notion of civil rights and due process and are horrified at this Trump-Russia frame-up. It highlights the cozy relationships between the permanent government elite and their buddies in the FBI and DOJ.

Some of the same players we saw in other iterations of the Trump-Russia collusion operation were the same players involved in the Alfa-Bank scam. They’re all one of a piece. Former FBI top investigator Peter “I smell Trump voters at Walmart” Strzok is also the same guy sent by Comey to set up Mike Flynn in a perjury trap—even though the agents didn’t think he was lying.

FBI Director Comey, who briefed newly elected President Trump on the fake story of peeing hookers in a Russian hotel room so that he could tell CIA Director John Brennan Trump had been briefed on this fake news, did it so that Brennan could call his soon-to-be employer, CNN, to go with the story. Then when CNN broke the story, BuzzFeed printed the wild-eyed Steele “dossier.”

They were some of the same people who lied on a FISA warrant in order to spy on Trump’s campaign.

The FBI chief was unceremoniously fired by Trump, so Comey leaked a story about Trump asking him to go easy on Mike Flynn, which, by the way, didn’t happen. Comey parlayed that leak into more pressure on his replacement and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to call for a special counsel for obstructing an investigation—a crime that Trump had not committed.


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Rosenstein, a political tool at the DOJ, talked with post-Comey acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe about possibly wearing a wire during meetings with Trump to see if Rosenstein could get Trump sounding crazy so he could call for invoking the 25th Amendment—something he walked back when they were outed.

Eventually, Rosenstein called for the special counsel to investigate Trump because he was taking so much heat from the Democrats.

The same pattern occurred over and over. Rinse, repeat.

The Sussmann trial highlighted the cozy relationships between Director James Comey and his politicized top brass on the 7th Floor at the FBI—populated by Hillary Clinton acolytes and Donald Trump haters. Donald Trump was so loathed by these people that fail-safes to stop the pollution of their investigations were bypassed. They made their friends Confidential Human Sources to the FBI. And hold their trials in front of a D.C. jury of their peers, not America’s.

Sure, we are getting more information than we ever expected to know about the way this Trump-Russia collusion stuff got started. This is useful for assuring millions of Americans that they weren’t imagining it. Righting the history books is worth the effort, but somebody needs to go to prison. And somebody needs to alert the media since there’s been a dearth of reporting on the Sussmann case.

Let’s remember, it’s OK for people to hate Trump, but framing a president for treason seems pretty treason-y to me and should be met with three hots and a cot in close quarters with Bubba the boy-toy.


And that’s why so many people hope Sussmann is punished for pushing Hillary’s political fairy tale.

He may not be, however. And you’d better be ready for that. But I get the feeling that Durham has more moves to make in the investigation into the framing of Donald Trump.



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