The Feds Won't Take Their Jackboot Off Ret. General Michael Flynn's Neck

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Michael Flynn has been cleared, pardoned, set free, and given a clean slate, and still the federal government won’t take its jackboot off the neck of the retired general and short-lived Trump National Security Advisor.


A newly discovered document uncovered by Just the News shows that Flynn could have had his reputation back a lot earlier, if Robert Mueller had released an affidavit confirming the story behind the retired general’s 2015 Moscow dinner speech for Russia Today (RT) News.

At the event, Flynn sat next to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The dinner became the key piece of “evidence” used by political detractors in the media and federal law enforcement as a pretext for their inquiry into Flynn.

The FBI’s Flynn investigation was called Crossfire Razor and led to a wider probe, which the agency dubbed Crossfire Hurricane. It was prompted by the Clinton campaign’s poisoning of the D.C. swamp, when it provided fake stories to the media, law enforcement, and the intelligence community, alleging Donald Trump was a secret agent for the Kremlin.

Clinton and her flying monkeys in the media and the Deep State destroyed Flynn’s reputation by accusing him of “lying” to Vice President Mike Pence about discussing sanctions with the Russians. By the time it was over, Clinton’s political operation to tear down Trump and win the White House had laid bare the deep dysfunction of the agencies involved. Americans had seen inside the termite-eaten walls of the FBI, Department of Justice, and CIA, and also stood aghast at the media’s callowness — the media which had received the fake news items, transcribed them, and then given themselves awards for their “coverage.”


But now, Just the News reports that an affidavit clears up exactly what the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which Flynn helmed before working for Trump, knew about the RT dinner.

In fact, Flynn was acting as a spy for the U.S. intelligence agency when he attended the dinner.

The document, sworn out by senior DIA official David Becker for Robert Mueller’s investigators, shows the retired general’s actions in a much different light.

It shows that Flynn sought out the DIA before he went to Moscow. That he told them the nature of the meeting. And that he was given a briefing by no fewer than ten DIA Russia experts on what information they were interested in receiving. Flynn also attended a defensive meeting in which he received “a complete briefing on the intelligence threat that would be potentially directed against him.” And when he returned from the trip, he brought back a thumb drive of information he had retrieved, met with the DIA, and was debriefed.

Just the News reported that the trip was “blessed in advance by senior DIA officials, including Vincent Stewart, the Marine general who had succeeded Flynn as DIA chief. The former Trump administration national security adviser was even given tasking orders and a counterintelligence briefing before he departed for Moscow in December 2015.”


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Now, Joe Biden’s Pentagon is going after Flynn to pay back the $40,000 honorarium paid to him for the speech, claiming it violates the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Sound familiar?

They claim he should have registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). There are almost no successful FARA prosecutions, according to former prosecutor Andy McCarthy. Usually, the feds allow the targeted person to true up their FARA registration, if it looks like they acted as a foreign agent.

Considering all the leg work done by Flynn to attend the dinner, it hardly sounds as if he was a “foreign agent.” Not even a little bit.

But this is par for the course for the Democrats in charge of the institutions. They wield them like a razor-sharp scythe against their political adversaries.


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