This Is What a Bombshell Looks Like: Lindsey Graham Got IG to Confirm There Was ILLEGAL Spying on Trump Campaign

(Screenshot via Twitter)

Here’s something you won’t be seeing on the mainstream news. The Obama administration’s FBI illegally spied on the Trump campaign. That’s what Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham got Inspector General Michael Horowitz to admit Wednesday. It’s the first time that anyone has said that officially.


The reason you won’t see that is because the MSM is still focused on whether there was political motive and a legal predicate to seek the first FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Horowitz concluded there was sufficient “predicate” to to do that, something the attorney general takes grave issue with. The problem is, the IG report showed that the FBI  lied on each of  the follow-up FISA warrants.

This is what a bombshell looks like:

Graham: “Is it fair to say there came a point where surveilling Carter Page became unlawful?”

IG: “Um, I will let the court decide that, the court has this report and will make that decision…”

Graham: “Let me put it this way: If you don’t have a legal foundation to surveil somebody and you keep doing it, is that bad?”

IG: “Absolutely.”

Graham: “Is that spying?”

IG: “Um, it’s not – it’s illegal surveillance. It’s not court-authorized surveillance.”

Graham: “Whatever surveillance means, they did it.”

Put another way, “illegal surveillance” is spying and the inspector general just said the FBI did that. It’s a fact that attorney general excoriated in an interview after the IG Report was issued.

Now let’s go to the Wayback Machine and watch as fired FBI Director James Comey pretends in 2017, with a verbal assist from Rep. Adam Schiff, that he didn’t “tap” president-elect Trump’s phone and spy:


This is after Comey knew the so-called Steele dossier, which he knew was a fraud, was used to get the spy warrants.

Watch the weasel words continue, first with Obama FBI holdover-turned-Trump FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Wray told  Senator Jean Shaheen last April, when asked about spying, that he “personally” “didn’t think” he had any “evidence” of gambling at Rick’s:

“I don’t think that I personally have any evidence of that sort.”

Watch him say it below and then behold Jim Comey’s outright lies about spying on Trump:

We now know from the IG Report that the FBI changed information, omitted and lied in order to get the last three FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign personnel. They continued even after their case had collapsed, as AG Bill Barr told NBC News.

You just saw the inspector general say himself that if you lie to get a warrant and still continue to spy, that’s illegal surveillance.



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