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San Jose State Freshmen Charged $250 for Mandatory 'Diversity And Inclusion' Training

San Jose State University is now forcing students to pay for and attend an "orientation program" that seems to be less about orientation and more about Leftist indoctrination.

From Heat Street:

According to the college’s website, Frosh Orientation is a “one-day orientation program during the summer” and notes that it’s a “mandatory program shows you all that SJSU has to offer.”

The questions and answers page on the college’s websites reads: “attending all activities during your Frosh Orientation required. If you do not attend or leave during any portion, you will be blocked from class registration.”

Frosh Orientation’s registration fee is $250 with an additional $80 for every additional family member, according to campus watchdog Campus Reform. The university doesn’t provide accommodation during the freshmen orientation.

Diversity and inclusion training will now be a part of the mandatory orientation for all incoming students. The training will include videos on microaggressions.

Students won’t be able to opt out of the new training, with the college claiming that “No portion of this fee is optional as students are required to participate in all aspects of the program. This fee is non-refundable.”

Let's be clear: this "course" is nothing but an indoctrination program. It's designed to take impressionable 18-year-olds and mold them into people far more pliable to the machinations of campus social justice warriors.

It's unlikely that anyone who gave the green light for this program saw any potential issue with including Leftist ideology in the mandatory orientation program, and that's probably the worst part about it. They know that so-called "diversity" education isn't just about the Golden Rule -- it's entirely a political creation, and it's being forced upon the students. Today's diversity efforts don't promote diversity, they promote racial division of the sort we haven't suffered in this country since the days of segregation.

They keep pushing this morally corrupt concept under the pretense that it's a required belief of a moral person. Meanwhile, the rest of us shake our heads in disbelief -- and hopefully pressure the school to drop the program.