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UC Berkeley Staffer Under Investigation for Participating in Riot

At least one employee of the University of California, Berkeley is allegedly under investigation by the FBI for his part in the violent riot that prevented Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking last Wednesday night. Other employees may have taken part in the riot as well.

Last week, internet sleuth "Pave Darker" discovered a Twitter account with the handle @teen_archer and the name "Eugene V. Dabs" boasting about beating a Trump/Milo supporter outside of the event. "Pave Darker" was able to connect this account to Ian Dabney Miller, a UC Berkeley employee who received $374,802.86 in compensation from 2008-2013, according to University of California Data Analysis.

One of Miller's now-deleted tweets included a picture of an injured man lying on the ground with the caption:

“hey come get your boy, he got ROCKED #miloatcal”

"Pave Darker" took screengrabs of the tweet, which quickly spread throughout Twitter and other social media:

Aside from causing a massive amount of property damage, the "black bloc" Antifa rioters assaulted and pepper-sprayed numerous people. Two women named Kiara and Katrina told their harrowing stories to blogger Stefan Molyneux in video interviews (here and here). Kiara had been pepper-sprayed while giving an interview, and Katrina was seen in widely disseminated videos pinned against a barrier, in obvious distress. She had been separated from her husband after she was blinded by pepper spray; meanwhile, her husband was viciously assaulted and ended up in the hospital with a severe concussion and broken ribs.

After the riot, Ian Miller actually gave an interview to the NY Daily Newsplacing himself at the scene. Other internet sleuths now claim to have tracked him to a safe house in Brooklyn, where he is allegedly in hiding.

UC Berkeley acknowledged the Ian Miller suspicion on Facebook over the weekend, though without naming him:

The university also told Breitbart News:

Our campus police department is working in close concert with the FBI on an ongoing investigation into this matter.

"Pave Darker" later tweeted that he "sent a full dox to the fbi and oakland pd."

Miller apparently worked in "advancement communications" at Berkeley, according to information published by the Daily Caller:

In an interview with  SF Weekly, Miller, who plays in the band “Kowloon Walled City,” talks about working at the university, saying, “I work at UC Berkeley in advancement communications. There’s really not much to say about it, frankly. It’s incredibly tedious.” It’s the same Ian Miller as the person behind the @teen_archer account, because an archive of the account @teen_archer has the name listed as “Ian Miller” and a bio that reads:

“clawer/chugger in @kowloonwalled, @romancities, & @puigdestroyer. 1/2 of @productiveouts. music, bikes, film, baseball, veganism, radical politics. and kitties.”