Only Two Messages Remain in the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Presidential campaigns are complicated. Let's make the 2016 race simple. The remaining candidates' messages neatly fit into one of two boxes. Let's take one message at a time.

1) America sucks. Government can fix it.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump all agree that America sucks -- albeit for varied reasons.

Clinton says America is unfair to union bosses, women, minorities, homosexuals and abortion doctors.

Trump says, we don't win anymore, and...we also lose at everything.  Sanders says, millionaires and billionaires.

Each sees government as the solution to America's suckishness.

Clinton would pass laws to require equal pay for women, abortions à la carte, union control of private businesses and government, and unlimited tinkle space for transgenders. (Not to mention limiting gun possession to government and criminals only.)

Sanders would use the brute force of government to break up the big banks, and to clamp down on free speech, raise taxes on everyone, and put government in charge of your life from bureaucrat-approved cradle to burden-on-society early grave.

Trump has already benefited from a liberal reading of the Constitution's takings clause, favoring government use of eminent domain to confiscate private property in hopes of goosing tax revenues (see Kelo). He knows that government works through backscratching and palm greasing, and, admits -- nay, brags -- he has done a lot of both. Trump sees government as the solution in health care, retirement savings, labor-flow management, company location, and in redistribution of wealth through progressive taxation.

However, Trump differs a bit from Sanders or Clinton in one respect. President Trump would openly say: "Government is the solution...and I am the government."

But there's another campaign message out there. Senator Ted Cruz doesn't say, "America sucks. Government can fix it." Cruz says...