Ohio State Workshop Pushes Bogus 'Only White People Can Be Racist' Line

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Did you know that white people are magical? Apparently, it’s true. White folks are so magical that we’re the only group that can be racist!

At least according to a report at The College Fix about a workshop at Ohio State University.


A workshop held at Ohio State University on Tuesday taught white student attendees about their “privilege,” how to not act racist, and that it’s impossible for white people to be victims of racism and only white people can be racist.

The event, titled “Interrupting Racism: Tips & Tools for White People,” was one of the many programs the public university’s multicultural center will host as part of its “Ally Week of Action,” currently underway.

The center’s workshop aimed to teach white students how to “develop a personal plan of action to interrupt racism,” according to the university’s website. It added that all were welcome to the “Interrupting Racism” workshop, however its content had a “focus on skill building amongst white identified people.”


During the workshop, students were taught there are three “ingredients” of racism: race, power and prejudice. According to Angie Wellman, associate director in the Student Life Multicultural Center who led the event, every race that is not white lacks the power aspect, which is why white people cannot be victims of racism.

In other words, they were using the equation Racism=Prejudice+Power. It’s a common argument.

It’s also complete and total bull.

As I have noted, I live in a majority-black community. Over 71 percent of my community is African American. Further, the majority of elected and appointed officials in town are also African American. I am, in essence, a minority.

Yet this argument, that only white people are racist, presupposes that even in a community where my race accounts for just one-quarter of the population and less than half of the government, I still wield actual power. I’m not an elected official. I’m not an appointed government official. I’m just a regular voter in my community.


Where’s my power?

This argument is really about creating a semantical smokescreen designed to prevent any criticism of anti-white rhetoric that comes out of a minority community, pretending that a minority group simply can’t be racist. Black anti-white activists aren’t really racist against white folks because they don’t have any power, so it’s irrelevant.

I absolutely reject that and will reject that until my dying day.

I’m sick of hearing the most disgusting anti-white rhetoric being brushed off as anger over whatever is the issue of the day, all the while seeing the speakers being characterized as non-racist simply because they’re not white.

Minorities need to understand that giving people on your side a pass for their racist ramblings simply because they’re not white does nothing to encourage discussions on race with whites and delays the day we all find understanding and tolerance.


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