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Amnesty International Promotes Anti-Semitic Blood Libel in American Classrooms

Bassem Tamimi, father of the infamous Pallywood star Shirley Temper, is currently spreading an anti-Semitic blood libel in schools across the United States. Non-profit humanitarian organization Amnesty International is footing his bill, along with Jewish Voice for Peace, Friends of Sabeel-North America (FOSNA), and Interfaith Peace Builders.

The 25-city tour included a lecture to a third grade class in Ithaca, New York, during which time Tamimi encouraged the American 8 year olds to become “freedom fighters for Palestine.” After Legal Insurrection along with other citizen journalist sources jumped on the story, the school’s superintendent “denounced the visit, finding that Tamimi was not invited by the school and the event was “not developmentally appropriate for third graders, nor aligned with the New York State standards.”

Jewish Voice for Peace issued a statement denouncing the Ithaca superintendent, claiming that once again Palestinian voices were being unduly “silenced.” One source that hasn’t silenced Tamimi is Facebook. The past week while on his American tour, Tamimi took a social media break to share the blood libel about the evil Israelis and those liars at the BBC who protect the Zionists.

Recently when speaking to a group in New Jersey, one audience member asked Tamimi if he condoned Palestinians stoning Jews in Jerusalem. “Tamimi didn’t give a yes or no but said that villagers can’t welcome soldiers who kill them and have no reason to be there but for the ‘blood of Palestinians.'”

Amnesty International has not reacted to their speaker’s very anti-humanitarian attitude. Probably because they’d look like idiots for rightly condemning a man after wrongly defending him as a “prisoner of conscious” when he was arrested by Israeli riot police in 2012.