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Palestinian 'Day of Rage' Inspires Wave of Horrific Attacks In Israel

At least three Israelis were killed and several others wounded today as Palestinian terrorists armed with knives and a gun attacked in Jerusalem and near Tel Aviv. Tuesday was declared a “Day of Rage”  by Palestinian groups, intensifying the violence that has been seen in recent weeks.

Two of the victims were murdered on a Jerusalem bus, and the third one was killed in a grisly attack involving a terrorist hacking at people after running them down with his vehicle.

Police have released the disturbing video footage of the latter attack, which can be seen here. The video shows the man plowing Israelis down with his car, then exiting the vehicle and hacking at them with a what is described as either a meat cleaver or an axe:

Via the Jerusalem Post:

Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 60, was killed, apparently both from the vehicular attack and the axe wounds while two other people were seriously injured.

Shimi Grossman, a paramedic from the Zaka voluntary emergency response service and a resident of Geula, was one of the first on the scene.

He saw the vehicle stuck inside the bus stop that the assailant had struck and was told by eye-witnesses that the man had got out of his car with the axe.

The terrorist was shot and critically injured by police officers who arrived swiftly at the scene.

A bus attack happened earlier on Tuesday in Jerusalem near “flashpoint Arab neighborhood Jabel Mukaber.” Two Jewish men were stabbed to death and three others seriously wounded in the attack that involved both a gun and knife:

The Jerusalem attacks came shortly after a stabbing attack in the central Israeli city of Ra’anana. In that attack, a man was lightly wounded and the terrorist was apprehended by passersby. A second attack occurred in Ra’anana some 90 minutes later, in which four people were wounded.

The UK Telegraph reports that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened an emergency meeting of his security cabinet to discuss what police said would be new operational plans”:

Officials said Israel’s public security minister was considering whether to seal off Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem, home of many of the assailants of the past two weeks, from the rest of the city.

In the midst of these violent, unprovoked terrorist attacks, Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton called for more “dialogue”:

The mayor of Jerusalem recently urged residents to defend themselves with guns:

“Given the current escalation in the security situation, those with a licensed firearm who know what to do with it must go out with [their weapon] — it’s an imperative,” Barkat told Army Radio. “In a way, it’s like military reserve duty.”

The mayor further explained to Israel’s Ynet news portal that “possessing weapons increases the confidence of residents, who know that in addition to police there are many people who are not afraid to intervene.”

A statement released by the Jerusalem Municipality noted that Barkat himself carries a Glock pistol at all times. Indeed, the mayor has on at least two occasions assisted in thwarting terrorist attacks and neutralizing the would-be perpetrators.